Blooming Beautiful at the Historic Gympie Station

Volunteer Garden Coordinator Jude Casey has a busy job potting, planting and pruning at the historic Gympie Station to maintain the plants and flowers at the Station which is home to the Mary Valley Rattler.
The heritage Station has been brought back to its former glory with many local hands and businesses on board over the months leading up to the First Run Day in October 2018.

“It’s wonderful to see the positive response from guests visiting from Australia and around the world enjoying this unique heritage experience, which begins when they arrive at the heritage site.” Mary Valley Rattler General Manager David Thompson said.

The hanging baskets at the historic Gympie Station have had a little love showered on them thanks to local business owners Tony and Leanne Hardwick from The Retreat Pelargoniums. Tony and Leanne collected the baskets and took them back to their nursery to nurture them until they were ready to hang at the heritage building.

“I am very passionate about the garden & pots plants here at the station & believe the gardens play an integral role at the Mary Valley Rattler Station. In keeping with the heritage theme we have opted to plant the baskets out with Ivy Geraniums.” Jude said. “I have had assistance with the maintenance of the plants and gardens from one of our valued volunteers Judith Meehan to date. With the arrival of the newly planted hanging baskets we would welcoming anybody who has an interest in gardening to join our volunteer team.”

“It’s great to see the local investment and interest in the resurgence of the Mary Valley Rattler as we share the heritage, history and stories of our region with visitors and locals alike.” Mr. Thompson said.

If you would like to know more about volunteering opportunities with the Mary Valley Rattler express your interest at on our volunteer page here on our website.