Experienced Sunshine Coast tourism industry professional appointed to Mary Valley Rattler Board

7 January 2020

One of the Sunshine Coast’s most experienced tourism professionals, Julie Cullen, has been appointed to the Board of the Rattler Railway Company (RRC) to further boost the heritage steam train’s industry credentials and capabilities. Julie Cullen, New Board Member Of Rattler Railway Company

Julie brings to the Board some 15 years of senior management experience in tourism, hospitality and events businesses, including General Manager roles at Underwater World and Cairns Aquarium. She has also worked with Aussie World, Visit Sunshine Coast and Egon Energy. 

She is currently the owner of Tourism Tap, a business that provides strategic advice and hands-on assistance to a wide range of Queensland-based tourism organisations and operators, as well as Councils, to develop product and marketing activity to maximise revenue from tourism-related activities. 

Announcing her appointment, RRC Chair, Ian McNicol, said that Julie’s extensive experience with major attractions would be invaluable for fully developing the potential of the Rattler to deliver economic benefits to Gympie’s tourism sector and the wider community. 

“There are few tourism professionals in the Sunshine Coast region who can offer such incisive skills as Julie,” said Mr McNicol. 

“We are at a stage where the Rattler has had two productive years back on the rails, but with the impact of bushfires, Covid and the associated economic challenges, we will be looking to fast-track the business over the next twelve months and beyond. 

“Despite the severe operating conditions of 2020, we were able to deliver a significant operating profit over the past three months, and we’re on track to continue the above-forecast performance over the summer season. 

“Given that travel is likely to be restricted largely to domestic travellers in 2021, we are looking to widen our market base, attract new markets, re-establish groups business, deliver more events and continue to expand products. Julie’s experience will be particularly beneficial in expanding the Rattler’s horizons, building partnerships and developing further the capabilities of our team and our outstanding group of volunteers.”